Animators' Guild

We are animators of neighbourhood parliaments and sociocratic neighbourhood circles.

Animators are servant leaders, trainers, facilitators, coaches, community engagement professionals, and local activists who launch and support neighbourhood parliaments and sociocratic neighbourhood circles.

If you need help from an Animator, you are an Animator, or you want to become an Animator, you've come to the right place.

Do you want training, facilitation, coaching, or consultancy to bring neighbourhood parliaments, sociocratic neighbourhood circles, transition towns, sociocratic intentional community, 2030 Sustainable Development Goals for community, resiliency forums, or effective local emergency response to your community?

Our expert community organisers with years of experience want to help you. Please get in touch!

What are Neighbourhood Parliaments or Sociocratic Neighbourhood Circles?

Neighbourhood Parliament in Kerala, India

A global movement of neighbourhoods

Governance means steering, but if we are going to fulfill the promises of democracy we need to give every person the ability to steer: a place to speak where they will be heard, and where their words will result in real change.

The Neighbourhood Parliament movement has more than 400,000 active neighbourhoods in India, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and North America.

People helping each other

Making life better in our neighbourhoods requires us to help each other. This is what sustainable development really means. In Neighbourhood Parliaments we work together to deliver the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, starting where we live.

UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
Gathering in community

Resilient in hard times, thriving in good

Positive social connections are the most important factor to predict whether someone will live a long time, and they are key to being happy. In Neighbourhood Parliaments we emphasise social activities that bring people together.

Learning together

We start with the knowledge and skills we have - but how much can we accomplish if we continue learning together throughout life? Neighbourhood Parliaments offer ongoing citizenship education to their members.

2030 SDGs Game

Become an Animator

Are you passionately committed to creating a better world?
Start in your own neighbourhood.
Become an Animator.

Animators are the people who start and support Neighbourhood Parliaments. An Animator is like a seed: the beginning of a whole new ecosystem.
A whole new world.
A world that works for everyone.

You can become an Animator by training with us online or in person, joining the Guild, and starting to organise your neighbourhood.

Schedule a video call with a member of our faculty. Ask us questions about the program and tell us about yourself. If you and we agree that the Guild is right for you, we'll add you to the list of participants for the next training cohort.

New cohorts start every month or three. Fees are on a sliding scale basis.

Resources for Animators

Recordings and Transcripts from Previous Cohorts

Where are you in your development as an Animator?

StageWhat you've accomplished
Starting AnimatorCommitted to participate in the next training cohort
New AnimatorLaunched the first social, project, learning, or governance activities in your neighbourhood
Developing AnimatorNeighbourhood Parliament (Assembly, Circle, etc.) has inaugurated social, project, learning, or governance activities in your neighbourhood and ministers have been sworn in
Experienced AnimatorOngoing Neighbourhood Parliament (Assembly, Circle, etc.) engages all ~30 local households in social, project, learning, and governance activities.
Animator TrainerHave launched and supported two or more ongoing Neighbourhood Parliaments (Assembly, Circle, etc.).